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Language Experts

The Vital English language packages are designed and created in harmony with existing principles of instructed language learning. These materials take a fresh approach to curriculum design by drawing on the idea of task-supported teaching. They do not merely provide more of the same practice found in existing text book materials but they aim to extend the learning experience in ways which challenge and motivate learners and contribute to the development of their communicative skills.

Professor Rod Ellis | 2006

Intuto's English Language products make learning fun. They are effective and well designed with the student's learning in mind.

Peter Sampson, English Language Content Writer | Wintec

The design of online materials for Vital English has opened an exciting new language teaching dimension for our team. Developing tightly-focused interactive language exercises (with images and sound) has required academic rigour as well as creativity. The focus on blended learning, tying the online material to classroom teaching principles, rounds out our packages.

Helen Oliver, English Language Content Writer | Curriculum Factory

The Vital English learning resources are based on the best recent research in language learning. Students receive excellent resources for language competence. Teachers receive outstanding tools for teaching.

Richard Lawrence | Wintec

Designing and developing English language programmes for China has been an exciting and rewarding project. Chinese students can learn, have fun and be successful with Intuto’s products.

Deborah Dunleavy, Learning Design Director | Intuto


The Vital English IELTS preparation course provided a real boost to my ESL classes. With some basic planning, we were able to align our classroom lessons with the online materials, and provide students with further practice materials without having to create these ourselves. In our weekly computer lab sessions students were engaged with the materials throughout and, whether working alone or in small groups, they were active and enthusiastic. I would certainly use these materials again.

Caitlin Feenstra | Wintec

Vital English courses are one of the best online programs in my opinion. It not only targets to the most authoritative language test in the world, but also aims to improve English ability based on language teaching requirements in China. And the on-line learning helps students to advance their get-information skills, at the same time when they study language.

Senior English teacher | Shangdong Linyi No.1 Middle School in China, Wang En Lai


It is a good programme for students with no or little English. It is helpful in terms of speaking and grammar practice because you can hear what you have recorded and it gives you a chance to practice several times. I will recommend this programme to other students.

Prashila Narayan

I think IELTS materials is useful to improve my English skills. After using the IELTS materials I can read high level English like newspapers, magazines, etc. It's useful for all international students.

Vijay Rani Singh

The IELTS online materials are very interesting especially nowadays because many people use internet. The materials are very helpful. Working with a group and with teachers are a good way to use it...I appreciate the lessons and improve my listening skills.

Davish Cundawawmy

This IELTS online materials helped me a lot, such as writing, listening. These also helped expanding my knowledge and vocabulary. I would like to continue studying this course and use it at home.

Naru Miyaura

As an international student, it's so sweet for me that you have special Pre-Arrival learning courses, which has made me warm in advance. I have finished the Orientation in past days, and i find it very useful. The courses contain much what i concern. I am looking forward to studying in West Vancouver.

Thank you so much!

Mingyue Wang